Radical Resilience Training Program (RRTP)

The Radical Resilience Training Program (RRTP) is an online, self-paced training program that supports campus mental health and resilience. The RRTP provides learning and engagement
opportunities for both individuals and campus communities to learn about caring for your well-being, supporting others, and creating spaces for community care.

The RRTP offers six (6) educational modules. Each Module is accompanied by a Participant Toolkit that will support personal learning with relevant concepts and accessible tools for integration. Also included with each module is a Facilitator Guide which provides participants a structure by which to share each of the activities presented in the modules with others in their community. The Modules are 75-minutes each in length. Topics are as follows:

SELF: Leaning on Resilience to Heal, Grow & Transform
BODY: Managing Stress through Self-Care
MIND: Shifting Mindsets to Promote Growth and Mental Well-being
HEART: Creating Space for Community Care
CONNECTION: Practicing Empathy to Support Others
CIRCLE: Fostering Inclusivity and Connection in Campus Spaces

The Orientation Module at the beginning of this Program will walk you through best practices for how to get the most of your time with this series. The Closing Module at the end of the series will support you in bringing your learnings into your everyday life.

This program was developed with the support of the University of California, Santa Cruz and the Jacques M. Littlefield Foundation. For more information on how this Training Program can support mental health and well-being of all populations on campus, please contact Nikita Gupta at [email protected].

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